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Mario Malagoli was born in Modena on 15th March 1946. In a fortythree years of activity as "plate-beater", from 1961 to 2004, he has been able to create unique works of art moulding alluminium and wood with hammer, fire and strenght.

“My town is small, is crossed by a small, but important, road where I felt and knew my very first emotions. I am very ambitious, I wanted to travel around the world and when I arrived in some remote places I used to ask: Never heard about these four roofs (Modena)?

If touch and sight are the first sense to be involved, emotions immediately answer. Under these four roofs (Modena) I learned how to use an old, but very important, instrument: the hammer. Just the ability of the hand, guided by emotions and feelings, can confirm the originately of a work.

Although time and his signs transform everything, the essence of the work of Art last forever. My passion has begun in this way, without being calculated or programmed, under these four roofs (Modena), following the thread that bound creativity, enviroment and man's work.”

Mario Malagoli

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